Loxton Preschool Centre  
Anzac Crescent, Loxton SA 5333
Phone: (08) 8584 7481 Email:dl.6524_leaders@schools.sa.edu.au
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At Loxton Preschool Centre skilled staff work in partnership with families, community services and support workers to ensure all children are provided with opportunity to develop and learn in a safe, supporting and inclusive environment using a curriculum that encourages learning through play.

We believe:-

- Each child is unique and special.

- Children are all individuals who develop at their own rate and in their own way.

- Children learn best when they feel happy and secure and their needs are being met.

- Positive relationships and firm attachments with important people in their lives are essential for children's well being.

- Effective partnerships between parents and staff, staff and children and children with children facilitate optimal learning.

- Early intervention programmes are important and will be implemented where necessary.

- Play is the basis for learning.

- Differences in our society are to be respected and valued.

- Staff who are sensitive, flexible, responsive, creative, caring, friendly and
accessible make a positive difference to childrens' learning and development.


At Loxton Preschool Centre we are committed to a cycle of continuous improvement where student learning outcomes are at the forefront of all that we do.



To provide an inclusive service of quality learning and care where each child and their family feels valued and belongs, enabling them to develop a sense of self worth and the achieve maximum positive learning outcomes.



All students reach their full potential and develop skills for successful life-long learning.



Core Values


Our four site values underpin all operations and keep us focused on our common goal.